Lady Germany

Appearing in Disney's 1943 educational animation of Education For Death (The Making of a Nazi), Germany is personified as a tubby blonde viking complete with beer stein and and horned helmet. Germany is a character is the sleeping beauty in Disney's Nazi version of the tale. The fairy tale begins at 1:49.

She's Red Hot...

First appearing in Tex Avery's 1943 Red Hot Riding Hood this Red appeared as the sultry parallel to the overdone image of Little Red Riding Hood. Red drives the now debonair big bad wolf wild with a her beauty. Her cartoon is still one of Avery's most popular and it inspired several follow ups  such as Swing Shift Cinderalla in 1945. 

Swing Shift Cinderella (1945) cartoon
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This beauty never appeared with the same name in any of her roles, but her image and influence is undeniably consistent.

Hasan Chop!

Even though his career only last one episode in cartoons, Hasan's character is one of the most memorable single episode characters, even to those who haven't seen the cartoon. Appearing only in Merrie Melodies' 1957 Ali Baba Bunny, Hasan is remembered for his famous line "Hasan Chop!" which has been used throughout pop culture ever since.

Ren and Stimpy Not So Regulars Part 1

Ren and Stimpy birthed some of the most original episode specific characters. Jiminy Lummox appeared in Season 3 in his own self titled episode. Jiminy Lummox, a singing, stupid, sadistic oaf who always appears to harm Ren every time he loses his temper. 

Jerry the Belly Button Elf was a single episode character voiced by Gilbert Gottfreid. Jerry lives in Stimpy's Bellybutton and lures Stimpy inside. There after he enslaves Stimpy and later transforms into a horrible beast after Stimpy makes him lint loaf for dinner.

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Korgoth Of Barbaria

Korgoth is one of the few main characters that will be included int this collection because his show never made it past the pilot which aired in June of 2006. This cartoon was probably the manliest cartoon to ever air. 

Korgoth The Barbarian - 01 - Pilot
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Although the series was intended to air in 2007, the only mention of the show was on the Adult Swim website is an intro graphic with the words "you couldn't handle more than one anyway". 


In 1943's Daffy The Commando, German commander, Von Vulture of the "Gestinko Gestapo" and his soldier Schultz are out witted by the invading American, Daffy Duck. In their single episode career, these Nazi birds speak in heavy German double talk and exemplify American war portrayal in propaganda aimed at children in the 40's.

Technical Fairy, First Class

Private Snafu was a black and white instructional cartoon made during WWII and was primarily show to soldiers. In this cartoon the dim witted Private Snafu would learn about different aspects of warfare and the military, while being lectured and guided through situations by one Technical Fairy, First Class, a butch militarily competent  fairy with a wand and cigar. This fairy's tour of duty ended when victory over the enemy was achieved in 1945.

All This And Rabbit Who?

All This And Rabbit Stew was released in theaters on September 20, 1940. It featured Bugs Bunny and a slow-witted African American hunter resembling Stepin Fetching, the popular actor and comedian of the mid 20th century. 

The cartoon was controversial  due to its racial stereotyping and and was eventually put under the "Censored Eleven" and hasn't been seen on television since 1968. The hunters character is continued only through Elmer Fudd.

What Up Doc?

This blog is an ongoing collection wholly dedicated to documenting marginalized and/or quickly discontinued cartoon characters. There are many legitimate reasons for a cartoons abrupt exit from the screen, but whatever the reason they remain some of the most interesting characters of their respective shows, and they should not be forgotten.